One of my favorite quotes is by Edgar R. Degas “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” As an artist, I believe this is a great representation of what I strive to accomplish with my artwork. Through my art I want to inspire, motivate, and bring forth the concept that all things are possible in life. My art reflects the abstract nature of life, the theory that life is not a straight or smooth line, and there is no such thing as absolute truth.  I portray these ideas with my love for mixing mediums, creating textures, applying layers, using contrasts in color and creating splatters, drips and runs with the medium (inspiration-Jackson Pollock).

I view myself as a contemporary expressionism artist, who creates an “intentionally unpolished” work of art with the perspective to create an emotional effect that evokes a mood or idea.


Throughout my childhood I was greatly influenced by my grandparents who were seamstresses, quilters, carpenters, and farmers. I quickly learned that art can be visible in all forms of life. My inspirations come from past and present life experiences, my family and beauty found in nature. I am fascinated with textures, reading, music, interesting people, graphic design, the beauty of the human body and anything that convicts me to dig deeper into my soul, create emotion, and make me a better person.


My overall goal in my artwork is to take the observer to that place between reality and “make-believe” and see beyond the colors, shapes, line and dream for just a moment. In that moment I hope my artwork can inspire the observer to discover a new love for the arts and to see “something” others might not see.