I was Born and raised in a small town in western Kansas. I Graduated from Fort Hays State University (FHSU) with a BFA in Graphic Design: emphasis in painting.  I studied under Michael Jilg, Chaiwat Thumsujarit, Karrie Simpson Voth, Allen Craven. After taking a decade off to raise my 4 children, I am now propelling into the art scene with a rebirth of excitement. I currently freelance in graphic design and submerge myself into my fine art daily. I have lived in amazing cities like Dallas/Fort Worth and Kansas City, and relocated to Sarasota, Florida in 2020. (For the weather and the beach, of course!) This move has brought on a new perspective in life, given me the opportunity to be a nationally known artist and in March 2022 I opened my own gallery and studio. If you live locally, come visit me! 


As a Contemporary Expressionist Artist my art conveys an abstract reality of a conceptual idea. I use mood, and emotions to develop the conceptual idea, which creates complex artwork.  My work is striking and will hold your attention with bold colors and intriguing pattern play. My style has depth with layers and the result is visually exciting, dramatic, and powerful. Some of my pieces are completely abstract while others are a mix of both abstraction and figurative.

HOW DO I CREATE (the process)?

I rely on my graphic design background to create a layered effect of texture, shapes, runs, splatters, drips, and movement. Each artwork carries thoughtful color compositions layered with spontaneous brush strokes, interaction with the canvas and some serendipity throughout the process. I aim for “intentionally unpolished” works of art that evoke a raw and natural reaction.



Extra, Extra! Publication in Voyage Tampa

Extra, Extra! Publication in CanvasRebel.com


I am inspired by historic artists like Pollock, Krasner, Picasso, Van Gogh, and Matisse. My inspirations for my concepts come from my own life experiences, which include interesting people, wonderful cities, and the beautiful nature around me.  I am a free spirited “hopeless romantic” that believes the “Greek tragedy” will have a happy ending, that every action causes a reaction, and beauty can be found in most. My concepts are a result of my theory that anything is possible if you persevere, despair results in strength, hope is power, and the  joy in those life moments of truth we all face.

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As a child I could sit for hours and color, paint, craft; it was comforting and came naturally. Academic learning was a struggle for me, therefore, to make art gave me a sense of confidence that the other subjects could not. I never thought I could make a career of being an artist, until college, where I had a professor encourage me to major in Graphic Design, and an amazing painting professor who allowed for individual expression which opened my world of creating! And the rest is history!


Creating art gives me joy, confidence, and helps me to remember I am a flawed person wanting to do good in this world. The creative process helps bring out the best version of myself. My goal in my artwork is that the viewer, buyer, and collector see beyond the colors, shapes, and lines; to “see something” (a reaction, a feeling) others might not see.  Art should feed everyone’s soul and my vision as an artist is to create an experience to satisfy the appetite.

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