As an Expressionist Artist my art conveys an emotionally distorted reality. Using textures, layers, splatters, drips, and runs I create “intentionally unpolished” works of art that evokes a mood or idea.


My goal in my artwork mirrors one of my favorite quotes by Edgar R. Degas “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”. I aim for the viewer to see beyond the colors, shapes, lines, and to see “something” others might not see.

My painting process is interactive, quick, spontaneous, and includes emotional movements when applying the paint to the canvas; in contrast, my concept and idea behind the painting is researched and planned. My sketchbook overflows with thumbnails of ideas; what emerges on canvas is my reaction to an emotional feeling of my original idea, and a little serendipity.


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Raised in the Midwest. Graduated from FHSU with a BFA in Graphic Design with emphasis in painting. I studied under Michael Jilg, Chaiwat Thumsujarit, Karrie Simpson Voth, Allen Craven and most recently Taylor Robenolt.  After taking a decade off to raise my 4 children, I am now propelling into the art scene with a rebirth of excitement. I currently freelance in graphic design, commission artwork, and submerge myself into my fine art daily. Relocating to Florida in 2020 from the mid-west, has brought on a new perspective in life. This move has given me the opportunity to be a nationally known artist.  

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